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Shunkyo :: Early Osaka Portrait

Title:  Early Osaka Portrait

Artist:  Shunkyo

Size:  15" x 10"

Description:  Pupil of Shunk˘sai Hokushű; other biographical details unknown. Should not be confused with another artist signing "Shunky˘," active at the same time in Osaka, who used a different second character in his name.

Seated on the edge of a stage, against a yellow ground the actor Arashi Kichisaburo II in character as Oda Harutaka, in the play Hiragadake Yukimi no Jindate, performed at the Kado Theatre. A very rare artist and print.

Published by Shiocho circa 1814

Fine impression. Full size. An album fold along the left edge. A few stains bottom right corner. Minor wormage. Minor stains, marks and flaws. Fairly good state.

Our Price:  $1,300.00

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