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Shunkōsai Hokushū :: Memorial Surimono: Arashi Koroku IV

Title:  Memorial Surimono: Arashi Koroku IV

Artist:  Shunkōsai Hokushū

Size:  14.75" x 9.75"

Description:  Beneath a silvery moon, partially eclipsed by cloud, the actor Arashi Koroku IV, seated wearing elaborate robes, pauses in the composition of his farewell poem. This exquisite composition appears to be previously unknown. Hokushu designed two other shini-e for Koroku, but neither has the refined elegance displayed in this design.
Good colors. Overall toning to the paper which is slightly brittle. Small edge damages. Small fractures professionally repaired verso. A small repair top right corner. Reinforced at all four edges on verso. Generally good state.
Suberb deluxe printing on high quality paper with gauffrage and metallic pigment.

Our Price:  $2,700.00

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